About Us

Sanskriti Blossoms into Shemford…..

After serving suncity students over a decade, SANSKRITI Fraternity has reinvented itself by adopting highly well researched, innovative teaching and learning trends as per international standards by becoming part of Award Winning Prestigious School Chain – Shemford & Shemrock Group. Thus, SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Jodhpur has been established under visionary flagship of eminent educationist Mrs. Gayatri Subhash, supported by dedicated and competent team of Mentors who wrote the success story of SANSKRITI.


WELCOME to SHEMFORD Futuristic School, Jodhpur located in the heart of Sun City at Hanwant Bagh, Opp. Police Lines, Shiv Road, Ratanada, 2km from Jodhpur Railway Station, 2.5km from Bus Stop and 3km from Jodhpur Airport, thus having an easy reach to all the areas of Jodhpur.

SHEMFORD Jodhpur has come into functioning in the year 2014. It operates under aegis of the SVB Society. It offers a stress free, child friendly and a safe environment where Children Come Running to School and Go Back Walking. It’s a home away from home.

The school endeavours to provide an environment which mingles joy with hard work, theory with practice and discipline with free growth. The system of education aims at a balanced growth of an individual and insists on both knowledge and wisdom. It helps the child epitomize the School Motto-VICTORY WITH WISDOM.

The school has a Preschool wing (age 2.5 to 5.5) where learning comes alive with a great deal of care and affection. We specialize in Loving Care, Lots of Hugs and Loads of Learning… These blooming buds not only render nursery rhymes and numerals but show incredible patience and common sense. The activities are planned to help a child to be observant than casual, to be patient than hurried, to be industrious than lazy and to be interdependent than self-centred. OUR GENUINE CONCERN IS TO TRANSFORM AND NOT JUST INFORM A CHILD. The needs of slow learners and the gifted children are dealt with equal commitment. ‘Every child should experience some success everyday’, is our main focus. We gear up the imagination of each child by providing opportunities to develop and grow into a well-balanced and integrated citizen of our country.

At SHEMFORD, Playing is serious and Learning is fun. The attractive infrastructure is designed exclusively with multiple facilities, to suit every child’s needs. The unique ShemEduMAXTM System of learning has been introduced in Jodhpur city for the first time which covers multiple intelligences, making learning easy for all types of learners.

The communication between parents and teachers is regular and this frank interaction enables the school staff to help each child, grow naturally. The supportive and helpful administrative staff looks after the infrastructure, maintenance, transport and other amenities. The greatest strength of the school has been the overwhelming support and cooperation of all parents.

Children are exposed to a variety of co-curricular activities by which their oratory skills are brushed up, stage fear is removed and confidence level is enhanced making them multitalented, whiz kids of today’s world.

The Class assignments, activities enhancing values and projects of other subjects make leaning a joyful ride for each SHEMFORD Star. Important topics are made easier through Audio-Visual technology, making the syllabus easy and approachable.

A distinctive philosophy of the school is to provide an educational system which is modern, yet rooted well to the rich Indian traditions and core values.

• Innovative Curriculum based on the NCERT and CBSE Pattern
• Well developed and proven ShemEduMAXTM School System
• Theme based Experiential Learning Programme
• Technological and Value based Learning
• Personality Enhancement and English Conversation Programme
• Thinking Skills Development Modules
• State-of-Art Labs with the latest equipment
• Individualized Evaluation Programme
• Play Way Method of Learning for Pre-Primary Learners
• Trained and Competent Staff
• Olympiads in Various Streams
• Experimenting and Learning in Science and Computer Labs
• Unique Lesson Plans and Regular online Training Programmes for Teachers

• Edu-Trips Student Outbound Programmes
• Confidence through Stage Exposure and Co-curricular activities
• Regular Parent Teacher Interaction
• Exhibitions of Books, Stamps etc.
• Celebrating National and Cultural Festivals
• Voicing Opinions on National Issues like Save Ganga, Save the Girl Child, Conserving Natural Resources
• Picnics and Fun Trips
• Grand Annual Functions to Showcase Young Talent
• Inter-House competitions
• Enlightening Assemblies
• Regular Values and Sanskar based class activities