Message from School Management

You can get the best out of others when you give the best, yourself. With this thought in mind, SHEMFORD Jodhpur has been established, where every child experiences success every day. SHEMFORD is shining bright with big hopes, dreams and commitments to achieve. I strongly believe that you can succeed in anything if only you put your heart and soul into it. Success does not just happen. It is nourished by the fruit called hard work. Our daily actions need not be profound or heroic but they should be consistent and persistent every day. Work is like a ‘Kalptaru’ –a wish fulfilling tree. To bear fruits, all we need to do is – work with utmost devotion and commitment. We must apply and practice WORKETHICS in order to make something magnificent in our lives. If you have built castles in the air, don’t regret, just put the foundations under them because we can get whatever we work at. The climb to the top is a walk-up, never a walkover.

May our children have high aspirations and resilient goals! While they have their eyes on the sky, we endeavour to give wings to their dreams.

As for me – In this noble task, I have found my future…

With Best Wishes,

SHEMFORD has its own Comprehensive Education programme that helps each child to excel. Each child is a reservoir of unlimited potential. We tap into that to make them competent and skilful, taking them beyond the limits of text books to the unlimited horizons of knowledge and wisdom. Reinforcing the concepts in the most interactive manner is our forte. A fine balance between academics and co-curricular activities is maintained throughout the year. With the innovative ShemEduMAXTMcurriculum, based on the unique 14 pillars, catering to the needs of all kinds of learners, SHEMFORD has carved its niche in the field of education. Learning is facilitated when one is motivated to acquire knowledge and skill. Knowledge is to know what to do and skill is to know how to do it. The beauty about learning is that it liberates our mind and soul. Nobody can take it away from us. The main aim of intellectual education is not only acquisition of facts but learning how to make all facts alive and to achieve this aim…

We will leave no stone unturned…..

With Best Wishes,

At SHEMFORD, the thought for cultural and traditional values is not lost in the endeavour of preparing the child to be a part of today’s modern, globalized world. What we achieve here is an amalgamation of culturally, intellectually and socially strong citizens of tomorrow. SHEMFORD pays a great deal of emphasis on teaching children ‘how’ they do things rather than ‘what’ they do? We provide a rich conducive and a nurturing environment for the students to imbibe good values along with academic excellence. Our main objective is to make children imaginative and creative so that they become productive, thoughtful and caring individuals.

With Best Wishes,

Education has two main aspects, the learning aspect which is about making the child think and the sociocultural aspect which aids in a child’s overall personality. At SHEMFORD, with the use of latest technology, the multitier educational system makes learning interesting, engaging and motivating. The theme based learning, various modules, personality enhancement and English conversation development programmes are all highly researched and closely related to our environment. Celebrations and activities throughout the year keep the journey of learning alive, for each child. It also helps in developing the right habits, skills and attitude for life in children beyond their school years. At SHEMFORD, a sound education is stressed upon. Hence, the students are filled with positivity, imagination and brilliance. They certainly spread the message of kindness, respect, honesty and most of all, love to this world.

For us Action is Eloquence…..

With Best Wishes,