Views of Visitors

Children should not only be physically strong but mentally also they should be powerful. Victory does not lie in physical strength or muscles. It lies in wisdom. Children of this institute par excellence are competent yet morally strong and complete individuals who are marching zealously ahead. I wish all the children a very bright future. May God bless you all!
Hon’ble  Mr. Justice Govind Mathur

The School has the responsibility to keep the torch of the Indian traditions and values high and set an example for others. The school by keeping its values intact is blending ancient values with the modern education system to give its students the best. May the school reach greater heights in the future. My best wishes for a bright future.
Mr. Sohanlal Sharma, Registrar,
National Law University, Jodhpur

It’s a proud moment to be a Chief Guest at an eminent institution where learning is amalgamated with values and traditions. I am sure the children of this school will make the country fully developed where space would be created for foreign professionals to work here instead of our children looking for jobs outside. When the foundation of a child is so strong the building will surely be stronger. I appreciate Mrs. Gayatri Subhash for keeping the traditional values and cultural treasure of our country alive in hearts of children.
Mr. B.R. Choudhary
Senior RAS

School time is the best part of life. Whatever is learnt in school is never forgotten in life. Children in this school have a proper space for academics, games and other recreational activities. Today they are taking responsibility as members of Student Council, tomorrow they would be leaders in various arenas of our country. I appreciate Director Mrs. Gayatri Subhash for her vision and intellect in bringing the school to the pinnacle of excellence.
Maj. Gen. S.C. Godara
Brig. Medical, HQ 12 Corps

The real Motto of education is not merely teaching but making children learn. We should ensure that our children become individuals with pleasing personalities. If they develop into loving and caring individuals, our goals are achieved. We should be role models for our children and set an example for them. Parents and Teachers should be democratic guides, not mere instructors. Teachers discover things in children which no one else can ever find. It is the joint responsibility of the teacher and parents to ensure that children grow up to be sensitive, kind hearted and genuine citizens of our country possessing sound character and ethics. With a visionary leader like Mrs. Gayatri Subhash and a team of dedicated facilitators, SHEMFORD is on its way to huge success.
Mr. Arvind Bhatt
Personality Development Trainer